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Hair Products For Men

Since I am female and have very short hair and don’t use hair products apart from shampoo and conditioner I am probably the most spectacularly unqualified person to write about hair products for men. It is true that most Wahl hair clippers Australia on the market, from shampoo to gels and mousses are marketed at women rather than men. The reasoning is quite obvious; more women than men are going to purchase hair products. But is this true anymore? Many men have longer hair than in years gone by and men are more conscious of their appearance as far as I can see. Men are under the same pressures from glossy magazines and the images on TV that women have been bombarded with for years.

It may not be as obvious or perhaps we are so attuned to the pressures of image on women that the men are not getting equal air play or maybe they are just not complaining as loudly? In any supermarket or chemist store the range of choices for men are woefully small. I assume that men are choosing form the women’s section in sheer desperation at the lack of choice. There are a number of products that are marketed in a gender neutral way, interestingly these are often organic products.

The rather patronising product (in my opinion) is the “Just For Men” range of hair colours. These are designed specifically for men’s hair (which is good) and are targeted specifically for covering grey hair so the demographic would presumably be in the older men range. I’m not sure what the problem is that I have with this product but it does annoy me. After all we don’t have hair colour “Just For Women”, it’s just hair colour. Admittedly it does have an improbable picture of a model on the box but I presume that it would work just fine on men’s hair as well as women’s hair. I think my problem is that there is no real reason for this gender difference and so I find it irritating that we can’t just have an improbable picture of a man and a woman on the box of the Clairol or whatever brand.

Okay, so I have had my little rant but it ain’t over with the perfect colour and shampoo. For that matter what makes black the only colour container that men’s products can come in? I can’t see what makes black more manly, surely if we are to go by the crazy gender colour segregation that goes on for babies, the men’s products should come in a blue box? I was very happy to discover the Menscience website. The shampoo comes in “shock” a white bottle and has reviews that seem to be genuine and helpful. It is advertised as unscented which is probably a good point as to why men might avoid hair products that are targeted at women.