Things To Know About Birth Defects

Birth defects are sicknesses anyone can be born with, it can be minor or severe. These birth defects will cause changes your body organs, will affect your appearance and physical and mental development. Birth defects can be caused by lifestyle, behavior problems, genetics, exposure to harmful radiation, infections during pregnancy, etc. Some of these birth defects can be prevented, a pregnant mother has take care of herself and the baby during pregnancy, specially in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Any birth defect can be diagnosed during pregnancy and treated.

How to treat birth defects

With the rise of technology, some of the birth defects are avoidable but the treatments depend on the level of severity. Most of the birth defects may be treated before birth but there are some birth defects which will last a lifetime. If you or your child is having any physical defect, you or your child can undergo in a good plastic surgery in Sunshine Coast, to get any defect in their appearance fixed. It is also said that, medications can lower the risk of certain birth defects. It would be better if pregnant mothers takes medication because it can be healthy for both the baby and the mother. Infants with any defect has to be taken good care of when feeding, bathing and taking care of them and keep in mind that most of the defects can be cured.

Why you should properly remove makeup

Make up can make you look pretty but make up can also damage your skin. Sleeping with some of your makeup on will damage your skin. Remove your makeup in the night to minimize the damage caused by harmful chemicals. When washing your face, use a cleanser which has vitamin C in it. Using oil can help remove makeup, as oil melts makeup . Use an oil, only if it is recommended to your skin. Keep your makeup brushes clean and wash them regularly to prevent infections from the bacteria in the brushes that can enter your skin to cause skin problems.

Don’t use soap on your face except if it’s recommended and change your pillow cases regularly because makeup residuals can stay in your pillow cases, these make up residuals can be harmful to your skin and will also cause skin diseases. Olive oil can remove makeup and it is inexpensive and don’t forget to cleanse your skin after using olive oil. Reduce the use of make up, whenever possible; If you care about your natural skin. When buying make up, look for the best products and get advice from a professional to know about the potential harms and the ways to protect your skin.

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